Purple Leopard Print [String Bikini Bottom]


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Mix and match with our purple leopard print string bikini bottom

Get wild with our adorable, yet shamelessly tacky, purple leopard print string bikini bottom! It features a soft, stretchy polyester blend with UPF 50+ to flatter your booty and long straps so you can style it in more ways or tighten them for a better fit.

• Flexible bikini straps
• Soft and stretchy material with UPF 50+
• Sizes up to 6XL
• To help your new purple leopard print string bikini bottom last longer, rinse it off thoroughly after each use to get rid of any chlorine/salt residue

Due to the 2-layered construction and internal stitching, a visible stitch may appear in the crotch seam of the bikini bottom. This is a normal part of the manufacturing process and does not impact the quality or performance of the product.

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