American Bogan's Statement About Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

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We are following the latest developments about the COVID19 outbreak, the illness caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), that is causing worldwide disruptions to daily life for many people.

TL; DR - You may experience some production delays and shipping changes until the outbreak is better contained and the effects are mitigated.

One of our production partners, Printful, has United States based facilities in Los Angeles, California and Charlotte, North Carolina; Tijuana, Mexico; and Riga, Latvia. Today, Printful made the following announcement that we wish to share with you. We have edited the statement slightly in order to highlight what is relevant to our online store.

"On March 19, 2020, Los Angeles County announced the 'Safer at Home' emergency order requiring all non-essential businesses to suspend operations until April 19. Businesses in L.A. have 24 hours to wind down their operations. The mayor has the right to extend or shorten the order.
That means Printful's L.A. facility will temporarily suspend production after March 20, 2020, for the duration of the order. The situation is still unfolding, so all information is subject to change. For now, this is what you need to know: Fulfillment teams are working scheduled shifts on March 20 to fulfill as many orders as they can. All future and remaining orders will be routed to one of our other facilities when possible. [Cotton-based T-shirt products, embroidery, and phone cases will be routed to] North Carolina. [All Over Printed products, such as Leggings, Dresses, Skirts, Fanny Packs] will be routed to Mexico and Latvia.
As of now, we don't anticipate major delays in production. We'll continue fulfilling orders today and our other branches are in good shape to pick up the extra volume from L.A. [...] We will not be able to route the following products to other branches [...]:
  • Sublimated Towel
  • Throw Blanket
The following all-over products [this shop carries] can't be fulfilled at our Mexico facility and will be routed to Latvia:
  • All-Over Print Padded Sports Bra
  • All Over Print Drawstring Bag
  • All-over Print Fanny Pack
  • All Over Print Tote Bag
  • All Over Print Beach Bag
We may see more out of stock scenarios as our suppliers in California will also be affected.
Thank you for your patience. This is a difficult time for everyone and we hope this step will help end the spread of Covid-19 sooner rather than later. We'll continue posting regular updates as they come, and we remind everyone to stay safe."

So, hang tight, everyone. We'll get through this together. Until then, remember what the CDC says:

  • Practice effective social distancing

  • Wash your bloody hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

  • Use hand sanitizers whenever possible

  • Stay home if you're sick

  • Check in on each other

  • Remember, it is not "The Chinese Virus"

We will be sure to keep you informed about any changes that may affect your experience with as soon as possible.

Also remember:

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