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Rhode Island Bogans, With Model Liz Arruda

blonde woman posing in brick doorway wearing short black crop top and leggings
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Bogans in Rhode Island

I may have to consider exploring Rhode Island more in order to go bogan-watching because ah tell yew h’wut, for every boat-shoe wearing snobby Newport WASP there are at least two ratchet bogans in Providence. I’ve been to the iHop in Providence with friends after a rave only to find out that while we were inside one of their cars was broken into.

Meth is not just for Florida…

Depending on where you go, venue security in Rhode Island can range wildly from barely competent at best to outright assaulty at worst.
Who has the worst venue security in Rhode Island?x

Also, there’s the issue of Rhode Island drivers

  • Massachusetts may have a reputation for bad drivers, but at least you know exactly where you stand with Masshole drivers. The mentality goes along the lines of, “When in doubt about who has the right-of-way, I do.” If you can accept that mind-set, you’ll do fine in Boston traffic.
  • Maine and New Hampshire drivers that exist within the Northern Massachusetts region — that is anything south of a line roughly from Brattleboro, VT to Concord, NH, and York, ME — count as Massholes, by the way. The difference is that in VT you’ll see more Subarus on the road while NH tends to compensate and project subconsciously with their pickup trucks. The bigger the truck, the more self-conscious the driver, y’know-wut-I-mean?
  • Connecticut drivers are just, generally, in shock that anyone would dare exist on the road in front of them. In any lane you happen to be in.
  • Rhode Island drivers, on the other hand, are on a totally different level of meth fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked. There’s no rhyme or reason behind why they tailgate you and there’s no rationality behind their right-of-way decisions. Road signs and traffic markers aren’t even a suggestion like they are in Massachusetts. In Rhode Island, they’re inconveniences. Unlike Connecticut, Rhode Island drivers aren’t shocked that you’re in front of them. They’re angry.

Speaking of Rhode Island events

You know you’re gonna be having an interesting night when a promoter gets on the mic to announce “Listen, if you’re gonna do drugs, we cannot stop you but please don’t do them in the bathrooms! People need to pee!” I guess some people are actually honest about what goes on at their events.

Anyway, about Liz’s photoshoot

We both decided to get together for some photography as friends sick of feeling the isolation a little too strongly and for a little too long. Shortly after showing up, Liz pulled out a crop top I got for her (and totally forgot about!) saying that we should try to get some photos done with it on her.

Seriously, how could I refuse?

After an initial headshot session at her place, we thought it’d be good to head out into a beautiful autumn afternoon and explore the area around her for a suitable spot for some outdoor portraits. After ruling out a landscaping company’s parking lot (they had a wonderful stone wall but traffic was insane), we headed closer to the Providence Place Mall, and stopped at a nearby apartment complex visitor’s lot. It was perfect!

I remembered she had her crop top towards the end of the shoot, so I asked if she wouldn’t mind putting it on for a few photos as she modeled it. The images below are the result.

Doesn’t Liz’s crop top look great on her?

Do you like Liz’s crop top?

More to the point, wanna help support my shop? 😀

You can grab one for yourself from the shop (direct link).


4.7 3 votes
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