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Custom Hi-Top Shoes From Printify and ArtsAdd

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Sooooooo, through Printify and ArtsAdd, I had a pair of hi-top shoes custom made and shipped a month ago. I’d completely forgot about them until they showed up today.

I tried em on and my initial thought is that they’re pretty comfortable, even though my damned foot sizes a tad wide and that’s not typically available as an option. They were also manufactured and shipped out by ArtsAdd, a Chinese factory, so I had to go up one size based on recommendations. Apparently, for these shoes, I am a size 10.

Unfortunately, even though I am impressed with them I don’t think I will use them and, more broadly, ArtsAdd for my website. It’s not that I have an issue because tHeY R cHiNeSe bUy MuRiCa and I didn’t mind that it took about a month to arrive once it was ordered. The issue is that ArtsAdd does not ship with tracking numbers. I had totally forgotten about them until they arrived.

I may make a special order from this factory from time to time to buy gifts for people, or to set up a flash sale, or to get some general swag for myself, things along those lines. Would I recommend them? On the basis of this one pair of shoes, and on the reviews some folks have given me on other items by them? So far? Sure. I’m happy with ArtsAdd.

I just don’t feel their level of quality is right for American Bogan™, specifically, that’s all.

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