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Sarah’s New Crop Tops and Skater Skirt

woman wearing tight flame print rop top and black jeans
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My dear friend Sarah was kind enough to send over a few short video clips of her tearing open a surprise package from us with her teeth containing two crop tops and a skater skirt.


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[HEYYYYYYYY! – Adrian]

She immediately took a few smartphone photos of her wearing the sleeveless crop top, customized with an all over printed flame design. She also received our Falling Inward short sleeve crop top and our Falling Inward skater skirt — Sarah loves skater skirts!

Sarah’s Video, Featuring Her Black Flame Print Crop Top

For giggles, I added all the clips together, gave them some simple transitions, and added an audio track with permission from my good friends in Echo Mecca (pour one out, they’re no longer a musical act).

There’s not much more for me to tell so I’ll just let Sarah tell you, in her own words, exactly what she thinks.

FYI: My initials are AJF, or, in the NATO alphabet, “alpha juliet foxtrot”

Can’t you just feel her excitement?

One thing to take note of is Sarah’s black crop top with the flame print pattern on it. When I am not making people squeal with excitement over surprise packages (giggity!), I’m a photographer — one who specializes in, among other things, photographing fire and the people who perform with it.

The flame image was taken during an Epic Spin Jams event thrown by my good buddy, Evan, a couple of years ago before COVID-19 was a thing and the process was similar to designing the floral print I created for The Arborway Collection: punch the flame out onto a white background, and then remove the background to create a transparency, and edit the color and details to taste. This time around I wanted it to be less “trippy” and more of an accurate representation of the flame itself because I wanted to see just how capable the shop’s fulfillment vendor, Printful, could be at rendering fine detail and subtle color variations.

Needless to say, Printful (Affiliate Link) did a spectacular job!


Womp, womp!

The flame pattern is intended to be unique and will not be used on any specific product in the shop. I had promised Sarah that I would only use it on items exclusively for her, in gratitude for her willingness to try on and review different items from the shop, and I am a man of my word.

On the other hand, Sarah’s fractal patterned crop top is absolutely available for purchase!

The Falling Inward design can be found on a variety of items.

Here’s a few examples, down below.

4.8 12 votes
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