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Dark Design and Poor User Experience

woman with head on desk in front of laptop

American Bogan is a very small eCommerce website in a space with a trillion other shops vying for your attention.

I’ve chosen the platform its hosted on, over all layout, extensions, vendors, and how its marketed based on a simple premise: Don’t be an annoying cunt.

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MAGAts Are a Cancer

Welp. It’s been a while since anyone implied they wanted to throw some hands.

I went out grocery shopping for dinner the other day. All I needed to do was pick up some ginger and replace some cayenne pepper. In the aisle was me and my cart, two Black women and their cart, and we were all looking over spices.

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Donald Trump’s Mug Shot and T-shirts

mugshot of MAGAt In Chief and 2020 election loser Donald J Trump

I’m holding off on the whole Trump mug shot t-shirt merch glut, that’s surely hit everywhere by now, at least for the time being. Sure, I despise that criminal cunt and want to mock him and his Cult of Morons at every well-deserved opportunity but it’s also a very serious moment.

We should have some appreciation for the significance of this moment in American history.

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How I Created a Floral Print From a Photograph

photo of flowers -- most likely rhododendrons -- against a wooded out-of-focus background - copyright adrian feliciano, all rights reserved - book a photoshoot at

I don’t usually take photos of flowers in my wanderings and I typically don’t gravitate towards floral print patterns, but here’s a short story about how both of them just sorta happened.

I was walking the Arnold Arboretum, just off the Arborway in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, a couple of years ago, and tried my hand at photographing something, anything, other than people. It turns out that sometimes flowers, such as rhododendrons, can be more difficult to photograph than people. At least people can occasionally take direction, while plants will do their own damned thing, especially on a surprisingly breezy day.

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Rhode Island Bogans, With Model Liz Arruda

blonde woman posing in brick doorway wearing short black crop top and leggings

Bogans in Rhode Island

I may have to consider exploring Rhode Island more in order to go bogan-watching because ah tell yew h’wut, for every boat-shoe wearing snobby Newport WASP there are at least two ratchet bogans in Providence. I’ve been to the iHop in Providence with friends after a rave only to find out that while we were inside one of their cars was broken into.

Meth is not just for Florida…

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Does America Have Bogans?

red hat placed on flag surrounded by sparklers

Luna and I met a few years ago on a kink-oriented social media site and we clicked right away. I noticed pretty early that she loved to use the word “bogan” in conversation anytime she was making fun of someone.

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What Are Bogans?

textile australian flag with crumples

The easiest way to explain what bogans are, to Americans, is that bogans are the Australian equivalent to rednecks. On the other side of that coin, if you want to describe what a “redneck” is to an Australian you can simply tell them that rednecks are the American equivalent to bogans. Sure, there’s some nuance between “redneck” and “bogan” that inevitably gets lost in translation across the Pacific Ocean, but we’re using some very broad brush strokes here.

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