We are two amazingly close friends with the same awful sense of humor, brought together by the Internet and creepy HNGs offering their highly optimistic tributes. Ask us about it if you wanna cringe…


Aussie bogan and mate

Color Photo of Young Girl Wearing American Bogan T-shirt Fishnets holding up middle finger showing off her cleavage and sticking out tongue - buy Luna's t-shirt at

Luna is very obnoxiously Australian. She introduced me to the word “bogan,” and, after having a good laugh over the idea, gave her full blessing to import the word to the United States because the USA needs some colour, color added to its notoriously bland vocabulary.

She is also a fire-poi spinner, rabid K-Pop fanatic, aspiring guitarist, and one of the very few super Christians in my life.

Bottom line: Luna is pure Aussie and very fucking proud of it.


American bogan and Masshole

man with shaved head and black short sleeve t-shirt pretending to bite a skull in a forested area for american bogan |

Yup, that’s me. I’m notorious, among other things, for wearing socks with flip-flops (even in the winter!), combat boots with shorts, and t-shirts with some cringe-worthy slogans all very much to the chagrin of people around me.

You could say that I’ve been bogan fashionable for a very long time.

I am also a photographer who drives a very obviously non-stealth free-candy van that’s been decorated with random lingerie because reasons.


adrian feliciano, an american man proudly demonstrating his god awful fashion sense. Seriously, the bogan cunt's wearing cargo shorts, black socks, and flip flops while posing with a pickup truck - see more at

(See what I mean by an unbelievably awful sense of fashion?)

The more I learned about what bogans are, the more I realized just how full of bogans the United States of America actually is. Being an American, I also thought this was the perfect opportunity to engage in some good ol’ fashioned capitalism. After all, bogans may be Australian, but no one appropriates other cultures better than Americans, right?

American Bogan™ exists as a brand because Luna and I wanted to introduce “bogan” to the United States for the fuck of it. I hired someone to make a logo, altered the colors to give it that authentic ‘Murican spin, registered the domain, built a website, found the highest quality vendors I could feel happy about supporting, and then started filling the store with apparel printed with designs I created so I could unironically revel in my perfectly bogan sense of fashion while culturally appropriating sharing a fun word with my fellow bogans Americans.

If Bobby Brown can be proud of learning “prerogative” then I can be proud of learning “bogan.”

Seriously, that’s it.

What, did you actually expect an inspirational story?