young funny african american woman grimacing in studio

What is American Bogan’s story?

Remember the time Bobby Brown learned the word “prerogative” and decided to write a song about it? It’s kinda like that.

So anyway, the point behind American Bogan™ is simple.

The more I learned about what bogans are, the more I thought this was the perfect opportunity to engage in some good ol’ fashioned American capitalism! After all, bogans may be Australian, but no one appropriates other cultures better than Americans.

American Bogan™ exists as a brand because Luna and I wanted to introduce “bogan” to the United States so I hired someone to make a logo, altered the colors to give it that authentic ‘Murican spin, registered the domain, put up a website, found the highest quality vendors I could find and feel happy about supporting, and then started filling the store with designs I created so I could unironically revel in my perfectly bogan sense of fashion while culturally appropriating sharing a fun word with my fellow bogans Americans.


(What, did you actually expect an inspirational brand story?)

Yeah, yeah, let’s shop